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The new Proton Suprima S.

National carmaker Proton's latest baby Suprima S fully loaded with built-in value

THE automotive market has a new entry, and it is the sleek Proton Suprima S.

Unveiled nationwide yesterday, a 1.6-litre turbocharged hatchback was shown to the public at Proton Edar Sdn Bhd, Jalan Rock, Kuching.

Many who came to have a look at the national car company’s latest model were impressed. Some even described it as beyond their expectations.

The writer’s review of the Proton Suprima S Premium variant was also on the positive side. Normally when one looks at a Proton car, the first thing that comes to mind is the build quality of the interior and exterior.

The Suprima S is built solid inside out. The exterior chassis does not “klank” and the interior (of the Premium variant) is all leather and pretty posh — impressive for a car that is under RM100,000.

Android device owners would be delighted to note that fitted onto the centre console of the solid dashboard is an Android touch screen in-car entertainment head unit with 4G and Wi-Fi capabilities.

One can either pair an Android device with the player to access music files or just browse the Internet for streaming audios or videos.

Under the hood sits a 1.6-litre turbocharged CFE CamPro engine, capable of producing up to 138 horsepower and 205 Nm of torque. This performance is equivalent to a 2.0-litre engine but with a 1.6-litre fuel economy.

Apart from the modern gadgets fitted into the car like pushstart buttons, automatic wiper, automatic headlamp and a parking assist reverse camera, the Suprima S comes with six airbags.

In fact, it was awarded five stars by the Australasian New Car Assessment Programme (Ancap). To top it off, the car’s chassis is designed as such that the driver and passenger compartments would be like a shell while maintaining the crumple zone on the exterior of the car.

This was done by constructing the Suprima S’ cabin with hot-formed, ultra-high tensile steel parts, which multiply the strength of critical joints and structures. Proton calls it Reinforced Steel Structure or RESS.

With Lotus handling, steering the tough RESS chassis would not be compromised.

Proton Edar Sdn Bhd Kuching sales manager Yusuf Mohamad said the Suprima S was a car with everything a driver wanted packed into one or as the motto said — fully loaded with built-in value.

“It is a high standard hatchback with modern and timeless styling concept, appealing to young drivers and families.”

The Proton Suprima S comes in two variants — the Executive and Premium. Both are equipped with CVT transmission.

For the Executive, on-the-road price for solid colour is RM78,338 while for metallic, it is RM78,688. For the Premium variant, on-the-road price is RM81,638 (solid) while it is RM81,988 for metallic.

“Waiting list for the Premium variant is about one month while Executive, minimum two months. Proton is also offering a five-year or 150,000km manufacturer warranty, and a five-year free road assist,” said Yusuf.

For more information about the Proton Suprima S, head to the nearest Proton showroom. A test drive can also be arranged. - thestar.com.my

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